• History and Identity

RV.S.A was founded in 1982 as a premix manufacturer. In a short period of time it established itself as a reference in the national market, thanks to the high quality of its products and its excellent customer service. Some time later the Pet food Division was created. The factory is equipped with the latest technology in extrusion. This technology coupled with the best raw-materials, has allowed us to elaborate one of the best products in the market,providing a high level of satisfaction to both pets and their owners. Our products and production are also supported by "ISO 9001 Quality Rule"and

"ISO 14001 Environmental Rule" implemented in our company in order to give a Guarantee Customer Service.

As a result of a great work, we had achieved the goal to be represented all over Spain and in some foreign countries, such as Portugal, Algiers, Cyprus, Malta, France, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Lebanon, Qatar. Once our sales in Spain are highly consolidated, our main target is to introduce our products in more foreign countries. We are making extra efforts, by improving production processes, creating new ranges, opening an online store, and participating in international fairs and exhibitions, in order to be day by day more competitive and be positioned at the best level in the market.