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Complete petfood or homemade food?


Homemade petfood could perfectly be prepared at home, but do we have knowledge, raw material and instruments enough for that?, it'S hard possible to unify all of them.
Petfood manufacturing is quaranteed by specialists in animal nutrition, among the latest technology; raw materials are summited to quality controls and termic treatment (extrusion) which provides high digestibility and aseptic conditions to the final product.
How are we able to calculate nutritional values of all the ingredients we put in homemade petfood such us (vitamins, protein, fat, ashes, …..)? and dosification of the product as well.
What will be the result of our homemade meal? Do we know the kcal and the right serving?
however this is not an inconvenience for petfood manufacturers, they have special formulation programs, laboratories, which allow to develop a balanced food for all the specific requirements of our pet (by adding, L-carnitine, taurine, chondroitin, glucosamine, folic acid...).
There are some obvious advantages for manufactured petfood over homemade, such as, dealing and handling, long life term, variety, hygienic.
Our recomendation is that you have to valorate how to use your free golden time minutes rather preparing a food or dosifying petfood and having a confortable walk with your pet.
Text elaborated by Peñalba Vicente S.A.